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What We Offer

Custom Itineraries

Crafted for solo travelers, couples, or families, my custom itineraries ensure every journey is uniquely designed to your preferences. From cultural explorations to off-the-beaten-path adventures, I specialize in tailoring trips that match your travel dreams.

Destination Expertise

Benefit from my in-depth knowledge of diverse destinations. I provide expert advice on accommodations, local attractions, and hidden gems, ensuring your travel experience is enriched with authentic moments.

Logistical Support

Enjoy a stress-free journey with my logistical support services. From transportation arrangements to visa assistance, I handle the details, allowing you to focus on the joy of exploration.

Who We Are

Welcome to Travel Planning Hub! I’m Gerben Lieke, your personal travel planner. With a passion for exploring the world and a commitment to delivering exceptional travel experiences, I founded Travel Planning Hub to help individuals and families embark on journeys of a lifetime. 

What Our Customers Says

Gerben Lieke's travel planning elevated our vacation from ordinary to extraordinary. Every detail was thoughtfully considered, making our journey seamless and enjoyable.
Sophia and James Taylor
I'm grateful for Gerben's expertise. His recommendations led us to places we wouldn't have discovered on our own, making our trip truly special.
Michael Reynolds
Gerben Lieke's logistical support was invaluable. From navigating visa processes to suggesting local gems, his attention to detail made our travel stress-free and delightful.
Sarah and Tom Bennett

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